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The challenge

Navigating the UK Water Industry regulatory demands while ensuring effective investment poses a formidable challenge. Wessex Water envisioned a streamlined approach to manage its investment needs, aligning them with corporate goals, and based on thorough risk-based evidence.

This strategic shift aimed not just for compliance but for a sustainable future, prioritizing efficiency and corporate alignment. This strategic move wasn't just about meeting regulations. It was a long-term play for a sustainable future, focusing on streamlining operations and ensuring everyone in the company was on the same page. As they grappled with the demands of the PR24 expectations, the need for this transformative ability became abundantly clear.

The solution

Wessex Water tackled the challenge head-on by teaming up with Arcadis and adopting the Enterprise Decision Analytics platform (EDA). This innovative solution transformed investment management, equipping Wessex Water with a robust toolkit for asset planning and risk management. The collaborative effort seamlessly integrated their diverse assets, financial systems and operational frameworks into EDA, ensuring a tailored and efficient solution. Beyond regulatory compliance, the implementation aimed to future-proof operations, enabling Wessex Water to thrive in a dynamic environment.

The impact

Utilizing EDA, Wessex Water gained unparalleled asset insight, optimizing performance, cutting costs, and managing risks. This holistic approach went beyond just efficiency, empowering them to achieve broader social and environmental goals like reducing carbon footprint and enhancing biodiversity. Ultimately, this initiative showcased Wessex Water's commitment to sustainable water management, enriching community lives.

Used capabilities

Digital Environmental Health Safety and Sustainability

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