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Aside from being one of Shanghai's flourishing business centers, Xujiahui is also a place of local historical significance. Visitors can get a glimpse of traditional Shanghai through the district's different architectural styles influenced by different eras. Upon its completion, Shanghai ITC will become the tallest building in Puxi. With its futuristic commercial elements, the project represents a completely new and unique experience for visitors. Shanghai ITC consists of two buildings with heights of 220m and 370m. Its foundations cover a total area of 66,000m2 and extend to a maximum depth of 37.2m — the height of a 12-story building — making it the deepest foundation pit in central Shanghai. The project area comprises four partially independent plots with each plot at a different stage of construction. To ensure the successful completion of this project, effective management and consolidation of contractor contracts are key. The long construction period, fluctuations in material costs and changes to relevant regulations pose challenges to the project's cost management.


Arcadis is the cost manager for this large-scale complex project. During the early stages, Arcadis provided a large number of cost estimates based on an extensive cost database. Arcadis also advised the client on the selection of designs and construction methods in relation to costs. By providing a clear construction interface for each contract from the start, Arcadis helps the client avoid ambiguities and issues further down the line. This also enables the project to proceed smoothly despite the different construction timelines for each of the four plots. In addition, Arcadis has enhanced communication and negotiation channels with contractors to efficiently manage any possible modifications or claims.


Shanghai ITC is a pioneer in smart, green construction, which strictly adheres to LEED platinum and gold standards. The project is connected to surrounding buildings and key destinations in the city via nine pedestrian bridges and three subway lines, respectively. In addition, the project features a plaza which acts as a transportation hub with seamless connections to rail transit services. All of these innovations serve to enhance transportation links in Xujiahui and provide improved, faster connectivity. The overpass network connects Shanghai ITC to commercial and historical sites in the surrounding areas, making travel more convenient for locals and tourists.


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