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With sustainability as one of its core values, Arcadis is continuously working to become an even more responsible company. That responsibility together with our code of conduct is embedded in the Arcadis General Business Principles (“AGBP”) which includes our approach to tax.

The UK Tax Strategy applies for the period ending 31 December 2024 to all companies controlled directly or indirectly by Arcadis UK (Holdings) Limited, Hyder Consulting Group Holdings Limited, Arcadis Gen Holdings Limited and CallisonRTKL UK Limited. It also applies to Arcadis LLP. 

During 2022, the Arcadis Group made two significant acquisitions: IBI (headquartered in Canada) and DPS (headquartered in Ireland). Following these acquisitions, a global project has been initiated to integrate the new businesses and people into Arcadis. Both these acquired groups have wholly owned subsidiaries in the UK and this Tax Strategy will also apply to the acquired UK companies. 

The UK Tax Strategy is based on the Global Tax Principles of Arcadis NV.  

UK taxable profits are recognised in the UK, in accordance with domestic and international tax rules and standards (such as OECD Guidelines) and applying the arm's length principle.  

Arcadis UK complies with its statutory obligations and pays its tax on time. Through a strong track record of good compliance and transparency and by demonstrating willingness to give all necessary disclosure, we seek to build good, honest and open working relationships with tax authorities. Arcadis aims to comply with both the letter and spirit of UK law. Arcadis UK also works closely with external advisers to ensure compliance with all tax obligations. 

Arcadis UK has a strong control environment around tax accounting and seeks to monitor and manage its tax risks appropriately. Our approach to tax is reviewed regularly by our internal risk team as part of the wider control framework. Arcadis UK makes appropriate tax related disclosures in its published financial statements in accordance with the relevant domestic regulations (IFRS, FRS101 or FRS102).  

Arcadis UK seeks to minimise UK tax risk wherever possible and aims to maintain a “low” risk rating through its relationship with HM Revenue & Customs. Arcadis UK also seeks to conclude any disputes with HM Revenue & Customs as efficiently as possible. Specifically, Arcadis UK does not seek to avoid tax through the use of secrecy jurisdictions or so-called ‘tax havens’ without commercial substance. 

Arcadis UK takes a zero-tolerance approach to tax evasion (including facilitation of tax evasion by our associates) and is committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate. In 2021, the UK Leadership Team launched a new Anti-Tax Evasion policy underlining this commitment – this policy was refreshed in 2023. 

In 2024, Arcadis UK has commenced the process of further enhancing its Tax Risk and Control Framework.  

The ultimate responsibility for UK tax compliance rests with the Global Head of Tax. The UK Head of Tax reports directly to the Global Head of Tax and works closely with the UK Head of Finance (and Senior Accounting Officer) to ensure compliance with our Global Tax Principles. 

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