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Embracing Equity – Arcadis UK Inclusion and Pay Gap Report 2024

In 2021 Arcadis launched its first ever UK Inclusion & Pay Gap Report as an opportunity for us to reflect on our achievements, share our intentions for the future and highlight the role that we all play in creating inclusive environments. Now in its third year, we’re proud to share our 2024 Arcadis UK Inclusion & Pay Gap Report, which has been developed by our Diversity, Belonging & Human Rights Centre of Excellence (COE), working collaboratively across both the Operational and Enabling Functions of our business and through partnership with our Gender and Ethnicity & Heritage Affinity Groups.

As we continue to navigate the path towards creating a truly inclusive workplace, it’s important to reflect on the progress we’ve made and the challenges that lie ahead. Our commitment to improving the quality of life for all is deeply embedded in our global strategy, and our people are the driving force behind this mission. They are the innovators, the relationship builders, and the heart of our business.

Progress in Gender Equity

We have taken significant steps in closing the gender pay gap, a testament to our dedication to equitable environments. The initiatives we’ve implemented have not only advanced gender equity but have also brought about a surge in creativity and collective strength. This progress is a source of pride for us and demonstrates the effectiveness of our strategies.

Ethnicity Pay Gap: A Call for Action

However, our journey is far from over. We recognize that our efforts to address the ethnicity pay gap have not met our expectations. This acknowledgment does not weaken our resolve but rather intensifies it. We understand the need to delve deeper, to listen more intently, and to learn from the diverse voices within our organization.

Strengthening Our Commitment

In response, we are bolstering our strategies with targeted programs and fostering transparent dialogue. Our aim is to create an environment where every individual, inclusive of ethnicity, sexual identity, faith and disabilities feels valued and supported in their ability to thrive.

Our focus remains steadfast on cultivating a workplace that reflects the rich diversity of the communities we serve. Together, we are making strides towards a more inclusive future, and every step counts. Let’s keep moving forward, united in our goal of embracing equity in all its forms.

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