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The challenge

Nijmegen station has been operating at the limits of its capacity for years. Rail capacity, routes through the station and holding provision have long been unequal to the task of coping with the demands and needs of the modern era. And because Nijmegen station is an important railway hub with a busy direct connection to Schiphol Airport, it was a major undertaking.


The solution

Railway operator ProRail is rebuilding Nijmegen station as part of the national Hoogfrequent Spoor (PHS) (high-frequency rail) program. To enable more passengers to be transported comfortably, ProRail is modifying the station, the track layout and train holding capacity. The platform tunnel to the west side of the station will be extended all the way through to a new main entrance. An additional center platform and new switch points will be installed, and the current passenger tunnel will be extended. Before the project can begin, various planning studies are being carried out. Rail and transfer adjustments and the routing studies require a great deal of coordination between the different parties involved.



    Over the next few years, Arcadis will support ProRail as the changes are rolled out across Nijmegen station and its railway yard. We are working on all aspects of the project, from assisting during the feasibility study phase right through to project implementation. The railway infrastructure and station will remain in use during the project.

    We will deploy 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) for the integrated design and resolution of the transfer bottlenecks. In this digital and three-dimensional system, the effects of the solutions are clear at a much earlier stage, which means that the required materials and costs of the project can be assessed more accurately.

The impact

More than 40,000 people already use Nijmegen station every day, and that number is still growing. By renovating the station, ProRail is keen to provide a better service to these users. The reconstruction is scheduled for completion in 2028. From this date, passengers from Nijmegen will benefit from trains that are not only more frequent, but that also reach their destinations faster. They will also gain various new facilities that will make traveling from Nijmegen station an even more pleasant experience, and there will be more holding space for the preparation of trains. All of these interventions will ensure that this busy rail hub is fit for the future.


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