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Future of precinct development in Australia

With more people moving into cities every year, and increased investment in high capacity transport networks, the importance of creating vibrant, people-centric, urban places increases.

As our cities grow, the spaces we create must define the future of planned precincts. Too often urban development is viewed simply as a real estate transaction, but the thoughtful integration of transport and land use planning can create precincts which represent the best of what urban living has to offer.

Precincts play a major role in today’s urban city planning. These multifunctional areas shape cities, by influencing the way we use public spaces and how we live and move around. Arcadis has a long history of planning precinct developments with mobility, housing choice, employment and public amenity as primary outcomes.

A precinct needs to be holistically planned and designed – it needs to serve different people during different times of the day and should leverage transport and infrastructure investment to provide the widest public benefit to the community. Provision of jobs, transport and amenities close to home is critical to responsible city-making.

Arcadis has a long history in designing and managing complex precinct projects. Precincts represent complex solutions related to sustainability, transportation and technology. The user of a well-designed precinct experiences is a vibrant urban area designed for everyday activities. Early planning of at-scale precincts can provide opportunities for sustainable infrastructure, smart technologies to increase efficiency and access to services and overall wellbeing through increased active transport and access to community facilities. Our international experience and research have established best practice, evidence based approaches to planning precincts in collaboration with public and private sector partners.

Precinct development in Australia
John Merrick

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John Merrick, Senior Technical Director

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Kevin Brake, Technical Director - Regeneration

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Jacqui Banks, Melbourne City Executive

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