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Our Commitment

Arcadis is committed to improving quality of life for all generations by maximizing social, economic and environmental value.

Materiality – Research with clients, our Senior Management, Global Service Delivery Leaders and Client Managers identified the following areas as the most important to them. 

This shaped our plan for 2015:

Environmental reporting – We are deepening our reporting to include additional quantitative data, and topics like operational eco-efficiency, climate strategy, water scarcity.

Environmental policy management system – Building on our database for environmental data in our United States and Netherlands operations we will start to work on a global and centralized data as part of a wider Business Blue Print project

Labor practice indicators and human rights – We have started the collection of information on labor KPIs like diversity, equal remuneration, freedom of association and lay-offs. Moreover we are working on a general supply chain management strategy including Human Rights and Labor rights. 

The nature of our work as a design and consultancy firm means we rarely face human rights and labor standards issues within our workforce. In some countries of operation human and labor rights can potentially be compromised on projects in which we may be involved. Were this may be the case we seek to influence critical suppliers identifying and mitigating the related risks in the supply chain. 

In relation to high risk countries and for the purposes of post-merger/acquisition activities Arcadis has soft controls in place, which amongst others focus on corruption. In addition our “In Control” statement filed annually by all of the operating companies and subsidiaries attests to the level and application of controls in their business, also includes information related to corruption.

Talent attraction and retention - We are collecting more information on how we attract, engage and retain talented people employing a people life cycle approach with key performance indicators for critical activities including development, promotion, compensation and engagement.

Management structure and processes – Sustainability is an integral part of our strategy and an inherent part of the way we do business. The implementation and performance of our Sustainability policy is led by our Global Director of Sustainability and CSR who reports directly to the CEO who is accountable for delivery to the strategy, plan and objectives.

The Global Director of Sustainability is supported by a Central Sustainability Team (CST) which recommends the group-wide sustainability strategy and associated policies to the Executive Board and directs implementation once agreed.  

Stakeholder engagement – Our primary stakeholders are our clients, people, shareholders, suppliers, partners and the communities in which we operate. We seek to engage and to create dialogues with stakeholders on a regular basis to deepen our insight into their needs and expectations, and to develop sustainability solutions which serve them better. 

Supplier policy – Arcadis purchases goods and services from a wide range of suppliers around the world, and encourages them to apply high sustainability standards. We regard our primary suppliers as partners and collaborate with them to help achieve our sustainability ambitions.  

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Joost Slooten

Corporate Engagement +31 20 2011083 / +31 6 27061880 Ask me a question

Joost Slooten

Corporate Engagement +31 20 2011083 / +31 6 27061880 Ask me a question
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