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Shelter is a program for Arcadis employees worldwide, who work together in projects led by UN-Habitat. Arcadis professionals can participate in UN-Habitat projects such as the recovery programs for Nepal, Haiti and the Philippines where Arcadis brings in expertise. Moreover there are possibilities to participate in workshops and other support activities for UN-Habitat in Arcadis offices worldwide.

Participation in these projects offers an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and experience totally different circumstances than you meet in your daily work. Moreover it expands your horizons. You are able to work together with a global UN organization, to travel abroad and to interact with other cultures. It is also an opportunity to meet colleagues who work in other operating companies, other departments or other countries. Together we all help to make the world a better place. 

Rules of the game

In fact everyone can participate in projects, but when forming a project team for a UN-Habitat assignment the following rules apply:
  • Projects are multi-skill projects, which means that employees with various experiences and skills participate in a project;
  • Employees from different countries are working together in one team: this enhances the sense of belonging to one, internationally operating firm;
  • Although every project needs experienced employees, the main goal is to give young employees an opportunity to participate in projects for cities, especially in the developing countries. Working on a UN-Habitat project does not mean that you are constantly abroad and travelling. Although it is logical that some project members visit the cities where the projects are taking place, some of the work can be done at your local office. It also involves a lot of cooperation with colleagues from all over the world and with UN- Habitat.
Arcadis will collect CV’s of candidates and can recommend candidates for projects to UN- Habitat. UN-Habitat has the overall project responsibility and will decide which candidates will be selected.

Who are we looking for?

We look for people with passion, to improve the lives of others and who are eager and motivated to participate in the program. Professionals with the specific expertise UN-Habitat needs for specific projects. Professionals who are prepared to go for a few days, or a few weeks to work with UN-Habitat on a project abroad. You are flexible and able to work under challenging and difficult circumstances. We specifically look for professionals with one of the following expertise: urban planning, civil engineering, coastal protection, water management or other expertise as required by UN-Habitat.

How to apply (Arcadis employees only)

If you are an Arcadis staff member, you can play a role in Shelter. When you are interested to join a Shelter project, please send your CV to shelter@arcadis.com and we will add you to the Shelter database. Shelter missions are organized at the request of UN-Habitat and announced via Facebook, Twitter, The Source and the Arcadis Yammer community. Soon after a Shelter mission is announced the selection period starts. Depending on the mission, up to six staff members are selected, based on the match between their experience and the required expertise. Once the team is complete, the virtual preparation phase starts. During several calls, the team will be prepared for the mission.  Then the Shelter mission (maximum two weeks) takes place, starting with a briefing on-site with UN-Habitat and local Arcadis  colleagues. The post-virtual phase is all about raising awareness and creating a ripple effect about the mission within Arcadis worldwide.

Join us and strengthen Shelter by offering your passion and expertise.

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