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The challenge

Congestion. Accidents. Even more congestion. Commuters who use the Funkturm intersection day in, day out understand the misery of sitting in traffic all too well. This stretch of road in Charlottenburg is one of the busiest traffic hubs in Germany. On an average day, 230,000 vehicles pass through the intersection. To keep traffic flowing safely, the Funkturm intersection will be replaced and the routing modified — without closing the road.

The solution

To organize the traffic at the intersection more effectively, the number of exits and slip roads at the intersection will be reduced. Improved safety and enhanced traffic flow are the goals — but what is the best way to achieve these objectives? Using Building Information Modeling (BIM), Arcadis developed a number of different concepts. The primary focus was to improve the function of the intersection as a distributor of traffic, particularly for drivers entering Berlin from the outer beltway via the A115 and A100.

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    The senate department for the State of Berlin jointly instructed Arcadis and Schüßler-Plan as a project committee to plan the traffic system, to provide technical planning services for the construction engineering works and to plan all temporary traffic systems and construction engineering works. In April 2018, the project committee commenced planning; construction is scheduled to begin in 2023.

    Remodeling without stopping traffic

    The remodeling work will be completed with the road open to traffic. The intersection will be designed for "free routing" to allow the heavy traffic to flow in the most effective way. The short exits and slip roads—which were built close together in the 1960s and are one of the causes of heavy congestion on the route—will be a thing of the past. Old bridges will be replaced, the removal of the Avus rest area will free up space and the Messedamm interchange will be rebuilt.

The impact

Travel into the city quickly and safely from the A115 and A100 via the Funkturm intersection: The remodeling project, which is set to commence in 2023, will bring a whole new perspective to city driving for commuters and anyone traveling by car in Berlin. The reorganization of this intersection will further strengthen Berlin's infrastructure and increase its pull as a destination for citizens and tourists.

Applied capabilities

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