The Role and Value of an Informed Program and Project Controls Strategy

Across the Middle East, construction projects are becoming increasingly complex, delivery timeframes are shrinking, and projects are required to satisfy the demands of a broader group of stakeholders.

Tim Shelton

Head of Project Controls, Middle East Ask me a question

This is a potential cause for concern as until now, the industry has a mixed record when it comes to delivering major projects on time and within budget. New ways of working will be needed to meet this growing challenge.

Fortunately, some of the enablers needed to drive this change are beginning to emerge. Digital disruption is gathering pace and already driving alternative ways of working. New skillsets are starting to permeate, and the technology solutions that enable process enhancement, are now a lot more accessible, flexible, and less cost prohibitive.

This is especially relevant when it comes to Program and Project Controls (PPC); an evolving discipline that can significantly de-risk the delivery of major projects, through smart and data-driven processes, digital technologies, and data analytics that enable the right people to make informed decisions at the right time.

If done correctly, there is a very real opportunity for Project & Program Controls to play a key role as the construction industry steps into a new era of digital and data focused delivery.

To read more on how to develop a best-in-class Program & Project Controls strategy, please read our latest viewpoint here.

You can also hear the thoughts of Arcadis and other industry peers on this topic in the video below.

The Next Generation of Project Controls - MEED Webinar

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Tim Shelton

Head of Project Controls, Middle East Ask me a question

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