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What benefits can the use of drones bring to construction projects?

Across the Middle East, clients are increasingly looking for innovative solutions that can help them to deliver their construction projects in a safer, quicker, and more cost-effective way than ever before. Embracing technology and new ways of working is the only way to meet this challenge.

"Using a drone to carry out standard survey and inspection activities is a very cost efficient approach. For a typical topographic survey, the use of a drone can help to reduce costs by approximately 50%."

One area where we see huge potential to disrupt some of the more traditional construction processes, is through the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), or drones, as they’re more commonly known.

At Arcadis, we’re already using UAV solutions on several client commissions to help address a wide range of challenges. Some of the key benefits that we’ve seen delivered include:


The quality of the scans and aerial imagery that drones can provide is absolutely first-class. By exporting these into software packages like CAD or Autodesk Cloud, it’s possible to develop 3D models that are within 2cm accuracy of real-life conditions.


Using a drone to carry out standard survey and inspection activities is a much more cost efficient approach as it removes the need to erect scaffolding or mobile platform equipment. As an example, for a typical topographic survey, the use of a drone can help to reduce costs by approximately 50%.


The use of drones can reduce the length of time needed to carry out basic surveying and scan work, as there’s no need to build scaffolding in order to reach hard-to-access locations. Similarly, the unobtrusive nature of UAVs means that maintenance inspection work like pipeline or flare stacks, can be carried out safely without needing to shut down active work sites.


UAV technology can help to further support the drive towards zero incidents onsite by taking away some of the risks associated with construction activities e.g. the use of drones removes the need for laborers to work at heights when inspecting assets like bridges.

Since the turn of the decade, the construction market in Qatar has made incredible progress. However, as activity ramps up over the next 2-3 years, the need for smarter ways of working will become even more important. Drones are much more than just cool gadgets, they’re tools that will play a fundamental role in ensuring that the local construction industry can deliver the portfolio of programs that are needed to successfully host the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ and to deliver Qatar’s exciting 2030 National Vision.

To read more about some of the benefits that drones can deliver on client projects, please download the paper below.

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