Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

How can cities create sustainable urban mobility?

We see that investing in improved and sustainable mobility will give cities enhanced productivity, attractiveness and overall quality of life.

Where did 100 of the world’s leading cities land in their sustainable mobility?

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Overall Mobility Ranking

The Index explores mobility through the three pillars of sustainability—social (People), environmental (Planet) and economic (Profit) to develop an indicative ranking of 100 of the world’s leading cities.


Measures social and human implications of mobility systems including quality of life.


Captures environmental impacts; "green" factors like energy, pollution and emissions.


Assesses the efficiency and reliability of a mobility system to facilitate economic growth.

Hong Kong
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Latin America Ranking

Strongest on People pillar

Brazil's most populous city, São Paulo, is the only Latin American city in the index to feature in the overall top 50. Yet, the capital cities of Lima and Mexico City are two of the highest performing globally when it comes to the share of trips taken by public transport.

1. São Paulo 4. Mexico City
2. Rio de Janeiro 5. Buenos Aires
3. Santiago 6. Lima

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São Paulo

The city of São Paulo places in the 47th position of the general ranking and is the best placed in Latin America. Regarding the "People" sub-index, the capital of São Paulo is in 27th place. When observing the “Planet” index, the city rises to the 24th position; and falls to 96th in the “Profit” sub-index.

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Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina is in 76th place in the overall ranking. The city also appears in the following ranking positions: 62nd (People), 78th (Planet) and 87th (Profit).


Lima ranks 90th overall. The capital of Peru is better placed in the “People” sub-index, in 37th position. Despite this, the city is undervalued in the sub-indexes of Planet, where it occupies the 94th position, and of Profit, where it appears in the 95th place.

Mexico City

Mexico City is ranked 67th overall in the Index. This rate improves when observed the “People” sub-index, occupying the 24th position in the ranking. Regarding the sub-indexes "Planet" and "Profit", the city appears, respectively, in the 81st and 93rd positions.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro ranks in 63rd place in the overall ranking. When it comes to “People” sub-index, the capital rises to the 18th place. The city is also placed in 52nd place in the “Planet” sub-index and in the 98th place on “Profit”.

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Santiago ranks third of the six Latam cities evaluated in the Index, far below São Paulo, equal scoring to Rio de Janeiro. Overall, the city is placed in the 64th position, and when observing the sub-indexes separately, the city is ranked as 26th, 80th and 92nd place for “People”, “Planet” and “Profit”, respectively.

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Maturity, Money, Mass ≠ Mobility

The data highlights that the wealth, size or age of a city does not necessarily equal sustainable urban mobility. This is clearly demonstrated as we compare wealthy cities like Hong Kong (1st) with Los Angeles (72nd); massive urban centers like London (7th) with Jakarta (89th); and some of the earliest developed cities like Paris (3rd) with Cairo (94th).

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Mobility favors the bold

Those cities that have pursued bold moves of innovation and planned for future growth see the greatest sustainability and quality of life benefits. Sustainable systems depend on the decisions of leaders in the public and private spheres, and emerging transport technologies mean there are more opportunities than ever to create cities that are built to move us into the future. With all the pressures that come from rapid urbanization, policymakers must take note and become well informed of their options in order to be able to offer residents real social and economic benefits.

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