Arcadis' Journey

Creating a sustainable future since 1888

From our strong heritage, we have grown organically and through acquisition to be the leading Design & Consultancy firm for natural and built assets.

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Who we are

Our name

The name Arcadis is derived from Arcadia, which, according to Greek mythology, is the finest place on earth to live. It represents our aim to work systematically with clients to create a better environment where people can live, work and thrive.

Our symbol

The fire salamander

Our visual identity includes a representation of a fire salamander. Originating in Central Europe, the fire salamander is equally at home on land and in water, the salamander requires clean water to survive and represents lasting quality and ecological balance. In modern terms the balance we seek is the creation of natural, social and economic value through the planning, creation, operation and redefining of natural and built assets.

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