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Community Involvement: Shelter

Arcadis provides direct support to UN-Habitat via the Shelter program. UN-Habitat’s vision is well-planned, well-governed, and efficient cities and other human settlements, with adequate housing, infrastructure, and universal access to employment and basic services such as water, energy, and sanitation. Arcadians contribute to this by providing pro bono expertise through the Shelter program, a global partnership that makes a real difference.

Arcadis and UN-Habitat set up the Shelter Program in 2010. More than 1000 Arcadians have participated in the Shelter program, which has conducted more than 100 missions in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our people provide knowledge, expertise and capacity-building support to help UN-Habitat achieve its goals. Bringing together a wide variety of experts from across our global company, the Shelter program is aimed at improving living conditions in cities around the world, especially for people living in impoverished urban environments. Arcadis also sponsors the World Urban Campaign, an UN-Habitat initiative, designed to increase public awareness and to address the social, economic and environmental challenges of urbanization. 

Our Shelter program received an award on World Cities Day 2018. Read more here.

The challenge

As our towns and cities grow at unprecedented rates, urbanization is one of the most pressing challenges facing the global community. Making sustainable improvements to the urban environment is critical to delivering lasting results for all our communities. As one of the world’s leading engineering consulting and professional services organizations, we are well-positioned to support UN-Habitat's efforts to address this urgent challenge.

Our expertise

Our people have high-level expertise in the fields of infrastructure, water, environment, buildings and urban planning. Our partnership with UN-Habitat is aligned with our strategic ambition to play a meaningful role in our communities and to use our services and expertise in ways that positively impact the world. By combining our global reach with UN-Habitat’s humanitarian mission, we are making a real difference in the world. 

Our partners

UN-Habitat is the leading United Nations agency for housing and urban development. Its mandate is to promote socially, economically and environmentally sustainable urban development and adequate housing for all. Un-Habitat is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.. 

The Lovinklaan Foundation's mission is to promote the interests of Arcadis employees, to provide for the continuity of Arcadis and to stimulate employee ownership. The Shelter Program is financially supported by the Lovinklaan Foundation, Arcadis’ largest shareholder. 

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