Natural Capital in the Mining Industry

Mining underpins every aspect of life today.  It is impossible to meet global demands for raw materials without negative impacts to natural capital from mining activities.  However, Arcadis supports clients in integrating natural capital into project planning to reduce costs and minimize impacts to natural capital reserves where feasible and plausible.  This includes identifying alternative operational approaches such as resource recycling, sustainable operations and upfront compensation to maintain natural capital stock and achieve No Net Loss of ecosystem services.

When natural capital loss cannot be avoided, Arcadis assists clients in the quantification of project impacts on natural reserves so that the appropriate compensation can be provisioned.  Not only does this approach incorporate natural capital sustainability goals, but it also serves to highlight the commitment to balancing economic generation, raw material provision and environmental stewardship. A company with a reputation of being an excellent corporate citizen can also often minimize the extensive and costly permitting processes and monetary capital expenditures.

Millions of Trees Bring a Broken Landscape Back to Life

Former mining and industrial communities in the UK were surrounded by opencast mines, old clay quarries, spoil heaps, derelict coal workings, polluted waterways and all the other ecological wreckage of heavy industry.

Today, a pastoral renaissance is taking place. Around dozens of former mining and industrial communities, in what was the broken heart of the old Midlands coalfield, a vast, splendid forest of native oak, ash and birch trees is emerging, attracting cyclists, walkers, birdwatchers, canoeists, campers and horse-riders. More than 8.5m trees have been planted in 25 years, hundreds of miles of footpath have been created and 500 abandoned industrial sites have been transformed. The landscape and ecology of semi-derelict Britain has been revived and rewilded with trees.

How Millions of Trees Brought a Broken Landscape Back to Life

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