Natural Capital in the Conglomerates Industry

The conglomerates industry is characterized by having an extensive supply chain, from how materials and services are sourced, to how goods are produced and distributed. A sustainable and resilient supply ensures a secured production process that minimizes risks due to sudden interruptions of the supply chain or captures opportunities for conglomerates to differentiate themselves from competitors. 

Arcadis guides you in mapping your supply chain, irrespective in your sector or where you do business. Depending on your scope, corporate-level, business unit, product or location for example, a high-level assessment indicates where the highest risk is and/or the quickest wins. From there, an assessment occurs on the amount of resources used, how they are used and in which process.  This same exercise is also conducted with your suppliers. Arcadis uses a phased approach for these assessments, and in doing so, builds a long-term, collaborative relationship with your suppliers, ensuring improvements for a resilient supply chain.

Manage Biodiversity Impacts of Your Supply Chain

Businesses can scope relevant impacts on biodiversity in their supply chain and reduce their impact on biodiversity. Through the BioScope* tool, you can receive rapid insight into the type, location and intensity of the most important impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems based upon their supply chain content.  With a user-friendly user interface, BioScope encourages you to think about the supply chain, how to reduce impacts and then demonstrates that reduction. 

BioScope is a web-based tool and is free to use. 

*BioScope was developed by PRé Consultants, Arcadis and CODE, and commissioned by Platform BEE (Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy); a collaboration between the International Union for the Conservation of Nature The Netherlands (IUCN NL) and the Dutch employers’ organization (VNO-NCW), and financed by the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs.

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