Working in partnership to address the future of mobility

New business models inspired by the sharing economy and disruptive technologies, combined with public policy goals such as reducing congestion, improving air quality and modernizing public transit, is resulting in an era of Smart Mobility.

Our client Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch asset manager for national road and waterway infrastructure, has incorporated Smart Mobility as a key feature of its 2020 strategy.  While planning, building, operating and maintaining its infrastructure, it is already anticipating the further development of smart vehicles. An example is the deployment of roadside systems that can communicate with vehicles to improve the traffic flow in the future. Smarter data streams also take carpool apps like Toogethr –  used to plan trips - to a more advanced level.

In terms of autonomous vehicles, current technology is far from perfect, but in around five years’ time we will see scenarios where the traffic around us will consist of a mix of vehicles with different levels of intelligence and automation.  How do we ensure that appropriate organizations and road users are prepared for these situations?

For Rijkswaterstaat and other Dutch government organizations involved, Arcadis together with Savant Learning Partners, have developed innovative coaching around Smart Mobility. Throughout 2017, we have been providing training to over 500 people focusing on safety, privacy, and the liability of vehicle owners as well as the social impact and human factors in an increasingly technology-based environment.  This training also includes providing a ‘hands-on’ experience in what’s about to come: driving the latest models of self-driving cars.

For more information on the Rijkswaterstaat project, please contact Maarten Amelink, or for a general Mobility discussion our Global Mobility Solution lead, Paul Fielden.

Paul Fielden

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