MIPIM 2017

Ready for the future

Cities are shaping our lives and our future. Cities that successfully combine economic development with quality of life turn out to be the most popular in the world. Successful cities offer a dynamic environment, where new technologies enrich everyday life. Ensuring that decisions, investments and projects all contribute to the prosperity and well-being of a city’s population, can help fulfill the needs of all generations. 

A society that takes responsibility for people and the natural environment. 

Successful cities attract businesses, investors, commercial developers, new talent, cultural institutions, residents and tourism. Built and natural assets are essential for cities to thrive. From the buildings we work and live in and the retail stores we visit, to the transportation we use and the grids and facilities that deliver our power and water; all assets must be managed, maintained and ready for the future.

‘Business as usual’ is no longer enough. Asset owners and occupiers must innovate and constantly sharpen their strategies, by seeking new opportunities and solutions to improve performance and create sustainable returns, to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

By sharing our global, multi-sector experience, we support our clients to get ready for the future. Connecting city authorities, investors, commercial developers and entrepreneurs, we enable them to share ambitions and create new, joint opportunities and solutions. 

We welcome you to join the journey and get inspired! 

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Our professionals from Arcadis and CallisonRTKL are keen to share our views and experiences with you. 

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Masterplanning a Resilient and Smart City

“Today’s world is characterized by rapidly changing socio-economic, natural, and demographic conditions that have a huge impact on our cities. Their competitiveness and attractiveness and ultimately, their survival depends on their resilience to these changes. A Resilient City is one that can constantly transform, regenerate, adjust and balance their human, natural, built and financial capital.”

Quote Edgar Kiviet, Senior Associate Director CallisonRTKL

Knowledge based capital

Identify the right alternative solutions to ensure the highest margins are secured.

Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate – has arrived

Think of a brain learning by sight the meaning of technical and legal text from pages and pages of text, all in a few seconds. Then it remembers this knowledge and builds to it every time it reads a new document. That is what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about. These tools will revolutionize the way some parts of the real estate industry work. 

Matthew Cutts – Arcadis Global Sector Leader, Financial Institutions

Knowledge based content

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