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Built and natural assets are essential to our lives and business. From the buildings we work and live in and the retail stores we visit, to the transportation we use and the grids and facilities that deliver our power and water – all assets need to be managed and maintained. ‘Business as usual’ is never enough. Asset owners and occupiers need to innovate now to respond to multi-dimensional challenges. We call this ‘future-proof’ built and natural assets for continued sustainable performance. 

There is a war for talent and lifestyle choices are changing workplace performance drivers. New and improved transportation schemes to urban, business and retail locations are being created. Office assets interface more closely with retail, housing, leisure and public services. Global climate change agreements constrain the use of water and encourage clean energy sources.  

How public planners, developers, investors and asset occupier leaders respond to these challenges will impact their returns - whether social improvements or profit. Well managed and modernized assets can realize huge value and attract investment, while outdated approaches leave your asset at risk of significant under-performance and loss of competitiveness. Having a strategy to future-proof your assets is now critical.  

Arcadis can help you address and solve all these issues, under consideration of the entire asset lifecycle.  

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Infrastructure & Private Investment

There is growing global awareness that private investment into infrastructure can deliver needed projects more cost effectively and faster than government sponsored schemes. In addition, tighter government spending in core markets means that project sponsors are increasingly turning to private finance to bridge the investment gap. Contractors and operators alike are looking for new market frontiers, with investors searching further afield for assets to invest in. However, structuring the deals to be ‘bankable’ remains a challenge for many organizations. The third Arcadis Global Infrastructure Investment Index shows which markets are most attractive to both public and private investors.


Many organizations face a war for talent. Generation Z is no longer willing to work in outdated offices, which fall short of the technology and workspace they have at home. New workplace solutions and digital offices are required to attract and retain new talent. Flexible office solutions will ensure that everyone will find a workplace that suits their requirements. Making it work for all is the future of business. Talk to our design partners at CallisonRTKL about the 2016 Trends in the Workplace.

Discover our offices projects (PDF)


Be it retail banking, retail stores and shopping centres, or automotive showrooms, customers can purchase most products and services online nowadays. Yet companies like Apple continue to open stores. Smart retailers have figured out that their stores are not really about products – stores provide an experience and, again, digitalization is key. The question is not why to build a branch, but how to build it. Arcadis provides the expertise to bring the digital experience into your branch or showroom and to use a programmatic approach for your branch roll-out. Find out the best locations for retail expansion in Arcadis’ Retail Operations Index.

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Smart Cities

Rapid urbanization and the resulting housing issues are forcing cities to become smarter, more resilient and sustainable to become and remain  attractive places to live. Digitalization, again, plays a big role with regard to mobility, connected infrastructure and intelligent transportation systems. Improving the quality of life is at the heart of Arcadis’ philosophy, which is one of the reasons why we entered into a partnership with the 100 Resilient Cities. The group have committed to helping cities around the world prepare for, withstand, and bounce back from the ‘shocks’ – catastrophic events like hurricanes, fires, and floods – and ‘stresses’ – slow-moving disasters like water shortages, homelessness, and unemployment – which are increasingly part of 21st century life.

In addition, smart and resilient cities attract long-term investments which are crucial for future prosperity and lifestyle.

Discover the results of the Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index 2016.

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