Ensuring project finance by implementing ESG in your business model

Are you aiming to make your investment portfolio more sustainable, or do you want to make sure that your project complies with international and local ESG standards to secure international financing? Are you encountering difficulties with how to report on environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards?

At Arcadis we believe in a sustainable future, where projects are developed in an environmentally friendly, socially inclusive and transparent way. We assure our clients worldwide with up-to-date knowledge on inclusion of ESG aspects when investing in projects. Be it location-based in a project, in your businessmodel or your investment portfolio. Through transparent reporting, companies are better able to work towards adequate implementation and presentation of ESG indicators.

Throughout a project life-cycle we support financiers and investors as well as borrowers. It is our vision to enhance the environmental and social sustainability of investment projects.

Support to project financiers / investors

As investor you want to be sure that your investment does not only provide returns in a way that is financially acceptable but also improves the quality of life of different stakeholders, from both an environmental and a social perspective. By supporting investors and lenders from the planning phase and project identification until the actual project implementation, Arcadis takes environmental, social, health & safety  matters into its own hands. Investors are being unburdened and guaranteed that a project complies with international standards (IFC PS, WB ESF, Equator, etc.) and local legislation and regulations.

Support to borrower of financed party

Borrowing parties often have to comply with several ESG performance standards. We understand this can be quite overwhelming if you are not entirely familiar with the criteria and procedures that need to be followed to comply. With years of experience in working for financial institutions such as the World Bank, IFC and various regional investment banks, Arcadis can help you manage compliancy, while improving the environmental & social performance of the project development. We provide project-specific ESG services as well as assure free, prior and informed consent among the project stakeholders.

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