Paris' core mobility objective is a sustainable balance between mobility, safety, quality of life and environment.

It is a city continuing large-scale public transport investments to drive innovation.

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Effective public-funded mass transport satisfies most citizen needs, in the densest areas.

Citizens show willingness to adopt new modes of transport, for example eBikes and CityScoot.

Early publicly-backed models for bike and ridesharing are transitioning to new, improved business models.

Air quality issues are a major driver of mobility policy – the European Commission has taken France to court over air quality in Paris.

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Transport strategy is primarily focused on increasing use of public and human-powered modes of transport.

Priority to reduce congestion and pollution with elimination of private diesel-fuelled vehicles by 2024 and all motor vehicles by 2030.

National support and €100m plan by the Paris Region to prepare roads for CAV.

Electric Mobility Program to deploy carsharing EV fleet and move towards CAV.

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Grand Paris Express is a transformational investment for Paris and supports development of multimodal transport.

Strong support for EV innovation from French businesses.

A drive to expand EV charging network to 20,000 points.

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