Amsterdam's core mobility objective is being smarter to keep Amsterdam a city where pedestrians, cyclists, and effective collective transport can coexist.

It is a city with CAV at the heart of MaaS innovation.

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High levels of satisfaction with an effective, well-financed public transport system, although pressures on bicycle infrastructure exist.

Citizen identity linked to walking and cycling as primary modes of transport.

Broad acceptance of measures to reduce car access and parking in central city areas.

Ridesharing pilots in Zuidas highlight readiness for transport innovation aligned to MaaS.

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Well-established national CAV program including on-road testing since 2015, remote-control from 2018 and 5G integration.

Amsterdam smart city platform enables innovation in the city to accelerate the transition in mobility.

Smart Mobility strategy 2016-2018 on four themes: internet of things, smart use of space, MaaS and CAV. Conventional cars are discouraged.

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Intelligent road network provides strong foundation for CAV – including early investment in connected traffic signal interfaces.

Dense EV charging network – 267,000 charging points in the Netherlands of which 4,000 in Amsterdam.

National integrated public transport payment system; OV-Chipkaart.

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