Data centers are today’s hot topic

Connectivity is critical in our data dependent lives – and data centers, the buildings that store and protect that data, are becoming hot property. The more we consume data, the more data centers we need. Where and how to develop these centers is the subject of much debate, from property developers and urban policy makers to the businesses which depend on them for their survival.

Data Centers

Cities such as Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris have been considered data center hot spots, but as these start to reach capacity, alternatives are emerging.

A changing landscape

For the better part of a decade, Amsterdam has been considered an ideal data center location. Its robust, high density energy and data grid (AMS-IX) has reliably fed data thirsty sectors such as healthcare, education and fintech. The Dutch government has also committed to investing in the continued development of a strong data network, so that Amsterdam is ready for future data streams like 5G.

However, concerns exist about the environmental impact of using such vast amounts of high voltage electricity and the strain on the existing network. Amsterdam authorities are aware of this impact and stimulate sustainable solutions via legislation and sector specific guidelines for companies to explore energy efficient planning options. The use of resilient heat in next generation of data center development is becoming mandatory. As the property market continues to soar, some even question whether the heart of the city is the right place for data centers.

Thinking outside the box

While these debates play out, Arcadis sees opportunities elsewhere. We are encouraging clients to consider more remote areas where they can enjoy the benefits of the Amsterdam market, but off the city’s grid and in a more favorable property market. Because we can anticipate our clients’ needs, we can advise them on the options as well as the risks (and how to avoid them) like flooding, availability of cooling (water) capacity and even the talent pool.

Interactive Mapping

Arcadis’ interactive mapping tool shows clients alternative areas for data center development.

Combined with our expert knowledge we help our clients find the right location that meets their needs.

The more we use our smart phones like computers, the more power we need behind it - with that comes the associated social and environmental impact. Arcadis works with clients to find solutions that reduce the downside and enhance the positive impact of data, helping to create liveable cities and improve quality of life.

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