Improving hotel performance through asset optimization

As the hotel sector continues to evolve and guest expectations become even higher, hotel owners and operators must continually consider opportunities to improve performance of their existing hotel assets to provide a premium guest experience.

Improving hotel performance through asset optimisation

Hotels renovation offers the potential to increase the RevPar, reviving tired guestrooms and developing an attractive Food & Beverage offer (that will increase internal guest spend, plus bring external customers to the hotel), or create co-working spaces to attract new customers.

A hotel renovation marks a new beginning that will not only revitalize the day-to-day business operation, but which can significantly enhance profits.

Hotels usually need a renovation around 8 to 10-year mark to avoid a decline in revenue and to re-position the hotel offer for a new and more attractive guest experience.

Before refurbishing a hotel, it is important to assess the traveller’s overall experience to determine the key points that must be improved both aesthetically and functionally. It is important to collect the negative and the positive feedback from Operations and be able to provide clear directions to the architect and the interior designer for the best result. This may result in an aesthetic “refresh” or a more fundamental reconfiguration if there are functional issues to be resolved.

Last but not least, remember that eco-friendliness is evolving from a nice-to-have to a must-have for a growing number of environmentally and socially conscious travellers.

So, how can you organize and execute a Hotel Renovation maximizing the asset performance?

Whether refurbishing a single asset or rebranding an entire portfolio, hotels present many opportunities for improved operational and commercial performance through asset optimisation.

However, any capital investment programme undertaken on a trading hotel inevitably results in guest disruption, which if not carefully managed, can result in significant revenue loss for a hotel both in the short and long term

A leaflet by our hotel sector experts describes the challenges associated with undertaking projects in operational hotels.

Click here for the Arcadis leaflet “Improving hotel performance through asset optimisation”

Remember, the longer a room is out of service, the more impact you have on revenue.

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