Will you SCIP the database?

SCIP stands for "Substances of Concern In Products" this is exactly what it aims at: the identification of particular hazardous substances - SVHC's in the products sold on the European market.

Will you scip the database

Up to january 2020, the European Commission identified 205 chemicals as Substances of Very High Conncern and included them on the so-called Candidate List. These substances can be found in various types of products - from construction materials, consumer products, electronic devices to toys. These substances are in most occasions allowed to be used, however some rules apply.

 One of the recent added obligations is submitting information regarding the presence of SVHC's in articles into the SCIP database. Manufacturers of products, placed on the European market, containing more than 0,1% SVHC's need to submit this information as from January 5th, 2021. It is worth mentioning that the 0,1% threshold is to be calculated on component level. This means that exceeding the 0,1% threshold in a single pin of a resistor somewhere in a device put on the European market is already triggering this obligation. This information will be used by recyclers - for a proper recycling of the products - but  also by consumers in their choice for more sustainable alternatives.

 Companies that already invested in data management tools for documenting the presence of chemicals in products, will now benefit from these tools and processes for gathering this information through the supply chain. For others, the obligations of the SCIP database might trigger the need for maturing the materials data management of their supply chain.

With the deadline for sharing information just ahead of us, now is a good moment to consider digitizing your information management tools and processes.

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SCIP - Substances of Concern In Products

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