Why You Need to Take Your Assets Digital If You Want to Beat Disruption, the Source of Much Current Adversity in Real Estate

Disruption is seemingly everywhere today in the Real Estate sector. You see it in record-low interest rates and in artificially high urban property prices. You encounter disruption in the radically new ways people work and live—changes now being reflected in residential, commercial, office, and hospitality design.

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Digital in Real Estate

Disruptive too are novel, eco-friendly modes of transportation currently taking shape. They promise to move people and products more cost-efficiently than ever. Then there is eCommerce, yet another disruptive force affecting Real Estate; online shopping’s increasing popularity is causing a rise in demand for logistics properties even as brick-and-mortar retailing declines, especially in city centers. Last but not least, you find disruption in emerging methods of designing, engineering, and constructing properties to withstand heavy rain and flooding while contributing little or nothing to climate change.

Disruption Impacts Your Assets

The way and extent disruption impacts you depends on what it is you wish to achieve. On the one hand, disruption can bring with it new investment opportunities and—for existing assets – increased growth potential. But disruption can also bring with it volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Real Estate markets generally do not react favorably to any of those. Neither do they respond well to the loss of transparency disruption can bring, since sweeping change tends to make it difficult to clearly understand both the big picture and the granular details.

One thing is certain, though. Whether disruption is good or bad, it always embodies a challenge. Specifically, the challenge is how to disrupt the disruption and stop it from adversely affecting your Real Estate holdings and ventures.

Digitization is the Answer

There is a way to beat disruption and leverage it to your advantage. It can be done whether you are an investor, a commercial developer, or a government leader. To leverage disruption, you need to digitize your assets. Digitization comes late to the Real Estate world, but its arrival represents a sweeping change in and of itself. It touches upon things now seen as indispensible to success in real estate, including data, analytics, drones, generic design, parametric design, visualization, augmented reality, and more. Digitization facilitates substantive investments in innovation, the creation of new business models, the emergence of opportunities for entering untapped markets, and the advent of new economic platforms.

Every real estate asset you own or manage can be optimized through digitization – no matter its present lifecycle stage. Digitizing your assets is worthwhile because it increases transparency, which leads to an abundance of opportunities to carve-out “slack.” You then can make better predictions, procurements, and judgments. You can design and build better. You can operate, maintain and invest smarter. All because digitization empowers you to easily acquire, organize, and make sense of potentially thousands of data points related to your design, planning, and execution processes. The highly informed decisions you then will be prepared to make position you to react to disruption faster and with greater agility.

Faster and surer reaction to disruption will also help you become more competitive. Other benefits you stand to gain from digitization include reduced risk, increased security, and greater ability to satisfy the needs of your customers, stakeholders, and even entire markets—all with improved cost-efficiency and profitability.

Arcadis is Leading the Way

At the forefront of the digitization movement in Real Estate is Arcadis. We are a renowned multinational corporation leading the way with worldwide strategies for leveraging disruption by means of digital technologies. Principally, we make it possible to digitize real-estate assets at every stage of their lifecycle.

Our approach to digitization is inspired by science. Accordingly, we strive for value-driven innovation prompted by the actual experiences of real people and reinforced by rich data assets, strategic and focused ecosystems partnering, and platform-enabled collaboration among our ecosystem partners. You’ll see in our upcoming posts how these digital realities apply as our experts take deeper dives into the various forms of disruptions and explore the available technology solutions.

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