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Sustainability of global cities held back by social factors

Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index

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“Our world is changing at a faster pace than ever before.”

Rapid population growth and urbanization have placed a huge strain on our world’s cities. As the number of people residing in our urban centers continues to swell, so too does the economic, environmental and social pressure they all need to withstand. 

Furthermore, the competition amongst the world’s major cities to attract the best talent, the highest levels of investment and is an enormous task for many city leaders. The Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index examines 50 cities from 31 countries ranking them across a range of indicators to estimate the environmental, social and economic sustainability of each. 

The index, conducted with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), finds that no utopian city exists. 

Rather, many world cities are failing to meet the needs of their people with city leaders having to manage a complex balancing act between the three pillars of sustainability – People, Planet and Profit.

Overall the top ten cities in the 2015 Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index are:

1. Frankfurt

2. London

3. Copenhagen

4. Amsterdam

5. Rotterdam

6. Berlin

7. Seoul

8. Hong Kong

9. Madrid

10. Singapore

The full rankings can be viewed here

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John Batten

Global Cities Director Ask me a question

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Sustainable Cities Index 2015 People Planet Profit
Sustainable Cities Index 2015

Which is the world's most sustainable city by People, Planet and Profit?

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