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  • October 24, 2019
  • Sydney, NSW, Australia

Arcadis wins Consult Australia's Technological Innovation Award

Sydney, NSW, Australia - Arcadis, the leading global Design & Consultancy organisation for natural and built assets, has received Consult Australia’s award for Technological Innovation, for their development, in partnership with EVOCRA, and deployment of world first technology utilized to remediate PFAS from an impacted complex waste stream.

Arcadis and Evocra with the award

This PFAS remediation solution was delivered – from design, build and commission, within a five-week period. The process of ozone fractionation with a secondary treatment methodology using nanofiltration successfully treated 15ML of wastewater over 18 months, exceeding both the client and regulatory requirements.

The award, which recognizes firms who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the innovative application of new or existing technology, follows the announcement that Arcadis has entered into an exclusive global license for the rights to the EVOCRA technology for PFAS solutions.

In recent years, under increasing scientific and regulatory scrutiny and community awareness, more is being understood about PFAS toxicity, environmental persistence, aquifer mobility and the potential for this emerging contaminant to bioaccumulate in natural environments and enter the food chain. Arcadis is at the forefront of a global effort to remove PFAS from impacted sites and environments, with over 75 projects in their portfolio, representing over 300 individual sites in 12 countries.

This project has previously won ‘Best International Project’ at the 2019 UK Brownfield Briefing awards.

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