Water Resilient Cities – Navigating Shocks and Stresses

Piet Dircke, Global Solutions Leader, Water Management

We aim to help cities cope with their challenges of water resilience, and transform these challenges into opportunities for economic development and an improved quality of life.

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Is Your Company Pouring Millions Down the Drain?

A Chemical & Life Sciences, and Automotive Insight

Water is a vital and seemingly cheap resource for industrial facilities. However, it is a mistake to think that its cost to your business is what appears on your water bill. Instead, businesses need to understand the many ways water interacts with their industrial processes because when you add together the costs associated with treating and moving it around a plant, water is not cheap.

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Empowering Water Utility Innovation

A Pathway to Sustainability

Together with the Water Research Foundation (WRF) and the Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF), based on a series of collaborative workshops with utility leaders and professionals around the world, Arcadis led the creation of a utility innovation framework providing a clear path forward on how to innovate from a water utility perspective.

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Water Capabilities in Asia

John Batten, Global Cities Director

Urbanization, growth in population and migration is creating an Aisa-wide need to readdress the way we manage water. Read more about how we utilize our world-leading water capabilities to deliver sustainable solutions to the changing Asia market

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Which cities in Asia are best placed to harness water for future success?

John Batten, Global Cities Director

The Sustainable Cities Water Index seeks to expand on our annual Sustainable Cites Index to focus solely on water and identify which city is harnessing its water assets for the greatest long term advantage.

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