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Providing Sustainable and Full-cycle Water Solutions

Our Water Capabilities in China

Water is one of the essential elements that supports human beings. Due to the relative shortage of water resources as well as the huge depletion of water that comes with the rapid development, water scarcity in China becomes more and more serious. Poor quality of water environment, severely damaged water eco-systems, and depleted aquifers are all affecting human health and environmental receptors. 

China’s leadership recognized these challenges and is determined to start taking corrective actions. In April 2015, the government’s release of the Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan, was indented to impose strict supervision and rigid punishment systems against violations in waste water treatment, and discharge. The ultimate goal to promote water ecological protection and water resource management is to completely realize the win-win situation for the benefit of the environment, economy and society.

Our team focus on helping our clients to:

  • Provide safe water and protect the environment
  • Move water reliably and efficiently to solve our clients’ distribution, collection and drainage needs
  • Enhance the quality, safety and adaptability of urban and coastal, riverine and delta ecosystems
  • Provide better business outcomes through effective water supply, treatment, management and conveyance solutions.

China Water brochure (English version)

China Water brochure (Chinese version)

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China Water brochure (English version)

Providing Sustainable and Full-cycle Water Solutions

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