Engineering the Future

68% of the world's population is expected to live in cities by 2050. 

As the population grows, liveability becomes increasingly important for cities as they tackle the effects of climate change, rising sea levels, mobility challenges, and need for better infrastructure. Engineering the future of cities will require governments and industry experts to collaborate, innovate, and embrace digital in design and engineering. 

Arcadis has over 140 years of experience working with architects, construction companies, and cities leaders to plan, design, and build some of the world's most complex infrastructure projects. 

Bringing together technical excellence, a deep understanding of community needs, and a genuine passion for improving quality of life, our experts are helping to build more efficient rail transportation systems and road networks, improve waste and management infrastructure, and offer innovative solutions to protect cities for the impact of urbanization. 

Join us as we engineer the future.

Tunnelling into the Future

Deep Tunnel Sewerage System

Arcadis was appointed by ED Zubin to provide detailed engineering and permitting services for the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) Phase 2 Contract T-07 where we worked with various authorities and Arcadis specialists in tunnels, hydraulics, geology, ground-hydrology and structures from Hong Kong, US and India.

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Connecting Urban Communities

MTR Whampoa Station and Overrun Tunnel, HKSAR

Arcadis was responsible for the detailed design of a new MTR underground station and over-run tunnel to be constructed as part of the Kwun Tong Line Extension. Built 25 metres beneath the busy streets of Hong Kong, the project attained HKIE Structural Division Structural Excellence Award 2018 – Project Award -  Commendation Merit Award and helped improve mobility for 50,000 Whampoa residents from 10,000 households.

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Optimising Road Networks and Reducing Congestion

Lai Chi Kok Viaduct

Arcadis delivered design, contract management and site supervision of the “Lai Chi Kok Viaduct” section forming part of Tsing Sha Highway. It is a 1.4-kilometre dual three lane viaduct and the project achieved the 10th Tien-Yow Jeme Award 2011.

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Improving Marine and Coastal Resiliency

Integrated Waste Management Facilities

Arcadis is delivering Design & Engineering services to Hong Kong’s new Integrated Waste Management Facility as the Lead Design Engineer for Phase 1. Our design includes for prefabricated seawalls, breakwaters, reclamation and the associated ground treatment for a 16 Ha offshore site.

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