Solving Kuala Lumpur’s Mobility challenge

Introducing My Trip

At the Deep Orange program in Kuala Lumpur, a combined team came together from Kuala Lumpur’s City Hall (DBKL), Think City Sdn Bhd, MRT Corporation Sdn Bhd, Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, SPAD's Consultant, GoCar, University Of Malaya, Arcadis , InvestKL, IBM,  MobGen and Accenture.

The team identified that the users and provider's needs are not linked thus effective planning of journeys and capacity were not at the heart of the experience. In addition, they found that safety was also an underlying issue towards cars being a status symbol.

The solution: My Trip, a seamless end-to-end data enabled application service to drive the use of public transport in Kuala Lumpur. Using a multimodal app platform, it enables residents of Kuala Lumpur to plan for efficient mobility around the ‘first’ and ‘last’ mile of their journeys by connecting users and providers through data. My Trip also was able to enhance safety by connecting public transport options to private ride hailing services underpinned by data.

Concept of My Trip

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