The Affordable Housing Challenge

Introducing the Roof Project

During the Deep Orange program in Kuala Lumpur, a multidisciplinary team came together to address the challenges around affordable housing. The team included Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Ministry Of Work Malaysia, Perbadanan PR1MA Malaysia, UEM Group, BIMB Holdings Berhad, Strand Malaysia , Arcadis , InvestKL and MobGen.

The team found that their solution must address two perspectives- influencing spending behaviour and bridging the financing gap.
The answer: The Roof Project.

The foundation of the tools are based on money management applications and principles to influence citizen’s financial behaviour with customized financial support.

The platform focus on the human side of engaging and changing behaviours around money, savings and planning for their future with a focus on transparency around credit scoring.

In parallel, the platform will be data-enabled allowing public institutions and non-public funded trust to provide flexible financing to investable citizens. This data will also be used to improve the urban planning of housing to close the financing and supply/demand gap for first time buyers.

Concept of the Roof Project

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