Hong Kong's core mobility objective is to accelerate advocacy for CAV adoption. The aim is to support what is a land-scarce city by developing CAV routes that complement the current metro system, with a focus on ‘first and last mile’ connection around metro stations.

It is a city where an efficient metro and nostalgic transport modes have a strong influence on CAV adoption.

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Air pollution is amplified by emissions from commercial fleets which are majority diesel-fuelled.

Some perceptions that technology may inflict severe job losses.

90% of trips made by public transport. Some see CAV as the “problem of others” which could lead to reluctant adoption of some CAV forms.

Ride sharing schemes have been well received among the younger generations despite regulatory limitations in place.

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Smart City blueprint mentions CAV but no legal framework and no concrete plans yet. Data and smart traffic management systems are prioritized over CAV.

HKD$50bn has been allocated to development of the city’s technology and innovation industry generally.

CAV currently being tested in West Kowloon Cultural District and will be tested in restricted areas of the airport and other suitable locations.

Sharing schemes are legal, but the carriage of passengers for hire or reward without a permit outlaws many operations.

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Constrained road environment presents potential challenges for CAV.

Extensive investments in advanced traffic systems, data collection and sensors.

Significant adoption of EV and ambitious targets for 30% by 2020.

Integrated public transport ticketing system with high pick-up of electronic payment methods.

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) Pilot Scheme with implementation strategy for the near future.

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