Improving the design of learning facilities to adapt the future needs


Rethinking the Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in educational institutions across the world being compelled to suddenly harness and utilize the suite of available technological tools to create content for remote learning for students in all sectors. We are experiencing new possibilities to do things differently and with greater flexibility resulting in potential benefits in accessibility to education for students across the world.

Unlocking Technology

To support the changing curriculum and teaching styles the classroom and built environment must evolve. This adaption is a complex mix of changes in the physical space, connection to the wider urban realm and community and an understanding of the digital technologies that play an integral part in the schools of the future.

Rapid growth of International Schools in China

International schools in China have rapidly developed in recent years with the market size exceeding 80 billion yuan and investment scale of new international schools reaching over 1 billion. With the economic growth prospects in the Greater Bay Area and the shortage of local international education resources, international schools in Guangdong Province have grown rapidly since 2019 which has a total of 16 new international schools, accounting for one-quarter of the total number of international schools in China. 

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