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The challenge

AAM has the potential to not only alter, but also augment the transportation system. In a city like San Diego, AAM can mean a faster, cheaper, cleaner way of delivering goods, getting around and providing emergency services. But to become a commercially viable option for riders, AAM must first be integrated into the region’s current complex network of mobility options and emerging technologies. Furthermore, a key challenge in San Diego is the unique airspace operating environment and the geography of the region. At the same time, the service needs to meet regulatory compliance as government policies are created and go into effect.

The solution

Arcadis has brought together a team of experts from across industry. Arcadis are leading the consortium of VHB, Hovecon, Sutra Research, and TTG Environmental to develop SANDAG’s Regional AAM implementation strategy, one of many regional strategies that will need to be developed around the country for this new solution. Our team includes experts across aviation, mobility, stakeholder engagement and environmental issues.

The team is assessing AAM research, policies, and market analysis, and leading a comprehensive public outreach and education strategy to meet the needs of underserved communities. We are also using our Smart Atlas GIS Platform to capture data and inform the AAM strategy.

The impact

Widely accessible aircraft that revolutionizes the movement of people, goods and services could be a reality within the next few years. Using innovative and evolving technology, AAM is on the verge of becoming a groundbreaking mode of low carbon transportation that complements conventional transportation systems. AAM has the potential to make mobility more equitable across the United States if implemented correctly and integrated with other modes of transport.

Used capabilities

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