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Responding to challenges and adapting for project success

From 2021 to 2022 the average value of disputes in North America increased by 42% and remains at historically high levels compared to 2021 and earlier. The average time taken to resolve disputes decreased by 19% but has remained relatively consistent over the last ten years.

Stakeholders are faced with more demanding expectations, as well as new and accelerating impacts on projects resulting from ESG (environmental, societal, governance) requirements, market conditions such as supply chain issues and material cost increases, and climate change. These new considerations are forcing project participants to start doing things differently.

This year’s report focuses on the industry’s need for adaptability on construction projects. Anticipating and embracing change is vital when it comes to completing projects successfully and reducing construction disputes.


2023 Construction Disputes Report

Read the report for more in-depth analysis and learn how to deliver successful projects.

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