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Kathleen Abbott

Global Director Clients & Business Development, Places

Electric vehicle (EV) sales continue to increase in the United States, and more than one-third of Americans say they would “definitely” or “seriously” consider buying an EV for their next vehicle, according to Consumer Reports. Many drivers remain hesitant to make the switch, though, primarily due to concerns around charging logistics and “range anxiety” – how many miles an EV can go before needing a charge, and whether they could end up stranded. The U.S. currently lacks the charging infrastructure to support widespread EV adoption, but as announced in a fact sheet last month, the Biden-Harris Administration is taking a series of actions to create a safe, convenient and reliable charging network across the United States.

The White House fact sheet outlines a set of initiatives aimed at creating this network, which will be a key component in reaching President Biden’s ambitious climate goals. These initiatives include building a national network of 500,000 EV chargers along our highways and in our communities, having EVs make up 50% or more of new car sales by 2030, and advancing the domestic EV and EV charging industry.

Several U.S.-based companies were highlighted in the release, having made commitments to help accelerate the build-out of coast-to-coast charging networks, the manufacture of EVs, batteries and chargers, and the maintenance of chargers and charging equipment. At Arcadis, we are proud to see our clients’ names among this list and to be managing the design and construction and providing design-build services for their manufacturing facilities as they lead the way in creating a reliable and convenient U.S. charging infrastructure:

Wallbox, as mentioned in the release, is playing a key role in sustainably manufacturing the charging units needed to support the country’s charging networks at their 150,000-square foot Arlington, Texas facility. They are currently on track to produce over 250,000 units, including their next-gen Hypernova DC Fast Chargers, in 2023 and over one million by 2030. The facility will also support 250 high-paying green jobs by 2025.

Lucid Motors, an American electric vehicle manufacturer, is currently expanding their EV manufacturing facility in Casa Grande, Arizona. This significant renovation and expansion, which has grown from 820,000 square feet to 3.2 million, includes the expansion of several manufacturing processes, which will allow Lucid to produce their first electric sedan. This facility, which will create 4,800 jobs, will be the first greenfield, dedicated EV factory to be built in North America and represents a major step in expanding the accessibility of more sustainable transportation in the U.S.

The Biden-Harris Administration’s investment in and commitment to creating a reliable EV charging network in the United States is invaluable but could not be achieved without the work of numerous U.S.-based manufacturers of EVs, chargers, and charging equipment. We look forward to continuing our support and partnership with the companies who are fueling America’s clean energy transition.

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