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Beginning of construction of Expressway S19


Planned completion of the route

Expressway S19 will connect

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece.

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The challenge

Expressway S19 is a project of key importance for transport accessibility in south-eastern Poland. It is part of the Via Carpatia road project, which will connect the Baltic countries with the south of Europe. The route will increase driving safety, shorten journey times and relieve pressure on the places located on the transit routes. It will improve the comfort of living of the region’s inhabitants. Improving transportation quality will also be an important driving force for the development of the eastern part of the country. Transferring transit traffic to a modern route that meets the highest ecological standards will also have a positive impact on the environment. This is one of the main road investments currently being implemented in Poland.

The solution

Building of the Expressway S19 started in 2005. Arcadis has been cooperating with GDDKiA (General Directorate for National Roads and Highways) from the beginning, taking part in the route creation process. We were involved in designing and obtaining all of the required decisions for 3 sections: Podgórze – Kamień, Kamień – Sokołów and Sokołów – Stobierna, located on the Lublin – Rzeszów route. Each of them has already been or will be executed with the Design & Build method. The scope of the work includes, among other things, designing S class roads, transverse roads and access roads, engineering structures (bridges, viaducts), junctions, service areas, acoustic barriers, rainwater treatment systems, animal passages and screens to protect bats. Several challenges emerged during the execution of the design work. In the Sokołów – Stobierna section, the planned route crossed the 750 kV highest voltage line, which had to be rebuilt as a result. The route partly runs through inhabited areas (e.g. Nienadówka), so required the planning of demolition work. In the Kamień – Sokołów section, the Traffic Management Center was established in the area of the Road Maintenance Division – an interactive management center with video wall installations, functioning in real time and managing traffic flow (e.g. in tunnels) or variable content signs.


    The completion of Expressway S19 in the Lublin – Rzeszów section is planned for 2022.

The impact

Every expressway revolutionizes transport in the region – this is also the case for Expressway S19. It relieves pressure on the national and local road network, increases journey comfort and safety, saves time and is environmentally friendly. This route is particularly important for the Lublin region, Sub-Carpathian region and the eastern part of the country – areas which have so far had a poorly developed road infrastructure, which was less advanced than in the other parts of Poland. The new route will be a breakthrough development boost for the region – investments near the new route are expected to develop dynamically with an increase in the value of neighboring areas. The purpose of Expressway S19 is to connect Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, and to be part of the TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network) corridor, improving the transport accessibility of Poland and the quality of interregional connections. After completion of the route, the south-eastern part of the country will gain a direct connection to Warsaw via an expressway. Expressway S19 crosses Highway A4 connecting Ukraine with Germany and, together with Highway A2, is the main east-west transport axis in Poland.

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