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JUL 15, 2022 | Press Release

Arcadis design partner for innovative rail platform system that lowers carbon footprint

Arcadis is the design partner of an innovative, low-carbon modular platform system that has been launched by the client, Scott Parnell, in partnership with Footprint Civil Solutions and Rosehill Rail.

The cost-effective Footprint Modular Platform has the potential to revolutionise platform construction, thanks to reduced installation times, low maintenance requirements, and importantly a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

In an industry where steel, concrete and brick have long been king, the emergence of a sustainable alternative offers an opportunity to significantly reduce carbon emissions when compared to traditional materials.

Through this new approach, a saving of more than 25,000 kgs of carbon dioxide emissions can be achieved for a typical 36-metre platform extension, when compared to traditional construction methods.

Breaking the norm of station design and platform installation, the Footprint Modular Platform’s walls are built from individual 100% recycled rubber block, that are perfectly sized and weighted for manual handling and designed to simplify the construction process by minimising the requirement for on-track plant.

Manufactured in the UK by Rosehill Rail, using a proprietary cold cure compression moulding process, to ensure short lead times, the Footprint Modular Platform is made to Network Rail specifications and distributed by Scott Parnell’s extensive network. Each platform can be faced to match the existing aesthetics of the station and the system is part of Scot Parnell’s bespoke product range, a growing range of innovative solutions available to the UK rail sector.

Commenting on the launch, Principal Engineer, Ben King, said:

“We’re very proud to be the design partner of this innovative, low-carbon solution, which reflects our business’ purpose of improving quality of life through the production of sustainable infrastructure. The platform system is also simple to construct, which will reduce the associated health and safety risks of site working on the rail network, providing benefits to all.”

Sharon Meek, Rail Director – North, Scott Parnell added:

“Scott Parnell is thrilled to be one of the partners bringing this incredible innovation to market. While we continue to shape our infrastructure to meet modern demands, we must also find solutions which are greener and more efficient. Footprint does just that; the carbon savings are immense and the installation simplified to meet programme constraints and offer the client a solution to constructing greener.”

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