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Presented with the 'Green BIM Award 2022'

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The Challenge

Modern office spaces, flexible storage facilities, production buildings, conference centers, business centers – our client, Sirius Facilities, offers flexible commercial properties of all sizes throughout Germany. Sustainability is a high priority within the company, which is why Sirius needed reliable CO2 accounting data for its business activities, for annual reporting purposes. This data specifically relates to climate accounting for repair, maintenance, modernization, reconstruction and renovation work for subsequent rental. No mean feat – some of the underlying data is analog and as complex as the process and supply chains involved in the production and transport of the building materials to be used.

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The Solution

Arcadis was able to meet the demanding requirements of Sirius Facilities GmbH with an intelligent and scalable combination of digital collection, planning and analysis tools.

The concept: To counteract the time and expense of reading data manually from the documents, a collaborative calculation model was created to record and evaluate data efficiently and consistently. In this BIM model, the buildings, respective orders, installed materials and costs were recorded from the invoices and linked to a database on CO2 emissions per construction product and additional information concerning gross densities, weights, etc. From this, it was ultimately possible for detailed CO2 emission values to be extracted.

Despite the challenge posed by the data, reliable and plausible findings about emissions were made and these were successfully integrated into the reports. The results provide insights into the breakdown and CO2 intensities of each material. For example, the drivers of emissions from the current portfolio can now be determined – thus creating a means of effectively reducing emissions. Overall, the results will be used to estimate and reduce future emissions.

The Impact

With the operational collection, analysis and reporting system, Sirius GmbH can take climate balancing of its property portfolio to a whole new level. The company's CapEx investments can now be quickly and easily assessed in terms of their carbon footprint and prioritized. This has laid the foundations for the real estate portfolio to be gradually yet resolutely transformed over the next few years to incorporate sustainability through a process of refurbishment, modernization and conversion – with maximum return on investment. The benefits for Sirius, its customers and society as a whole will be higher energy efficiency, greater resilience, an optimized carbon footprint and a substantial contribution toward climate protection. The German Sustainable Building Council saw fit to present this successful project with the 'Green BIM Award 2022.'

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