Selecting new state-of-the-art EMIS technology solutions

North American large online retailer - Enterprise risk has traditionally been managed in departmental silos, limiting collaboration between working groups and leaving unrealized value on the table. The focus is shifting to using integration to produce reliable, verifiable, and timely insights around risk.

A large online retailer also operates and depends on data centers, computer networks, automated factories using advanced robotics and automated retail distribution centers. Its corporate EHS function incorporates strategy, sustainability, compliance and technology governance into its operating model. The company was using a dated commercial software platform for collecting crucial aspects of EHS transactions, performance, reporting and analysis.

They partnered with Arcadis to help them meet the overarching objective to develop advanced analytics in order to predict and proactively manage operational risk. To do so, they first had to modernize their EHS information management system. A cross-functional team of Arcadis experts brought knowledge across several EHS domains, EMIS commercial markets and large information systems architecture. Within seven months, the team established core business functional and technical requirements, analyzed top-tier vendors and provided detailed insights on potential EMIS solutions for the step-change the company sought.

The advanced technology solutions are key to helping achieve the company’s business outcomes. They will help ensure a more sustainable, safe workplace environment, improving quality of life for employees and their communities.

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