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2.3 million sq m

of developed city area


homes created 

15 minutes

by foot or bike to all local amenities

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The challenge

The City of Vaughan’s significant growth since the 1990s led to its identification as an Urban Growth Centre by the Province of Ontario, Canada. Paired with plans to expand Toronto’s subway system to the city, a vision for the area as a financial, commercial and retail hub quickly developed. The area’s suburban layout is the primary challenge to its development, as the vision for the downtown core as a vibrant, modern urban centre is in stark contrast to the big box stores and low-density living characterizing the original city.

The solution

Since 2002, we have collaborated with city officials to develop the Vaughan Metropolitan Master Plan and Policy, which is acting as the framework for the redevelopment of the City of Vaughan. The initial plans include recommendations on development scenarios, transit-oriented development (TOD) strategies, landscape architecture plans, economic development and cost-sharing agreements. Key to the success of our plans, which are now being realized through mixed-use, transit-oriented development, was our ability to provide and coordinate a full-service offering, integrating our expertise across the planning, urban design, landscape architecture, engineering and real estate sectors.

We’re now supporting the implementation of the plans with the creation of Festival, Mobilio and Bravo, all mixed-use developments set to become the heart of downtown Vaughan. Combined, the three developments will offer more than 5,200 residential units, along with commercial, retail, office and open public space. Our plans focussed on creating a walkable community where residents can access everything they need within 15 minutes, with the added benefit of the community’s proximity to Toronto’s subway line, opening up a host of entertainment and career opportunities.

The downtown core is complemented by Revel Park, a central public space containing four distinct areas: the grand meadow, the sunken plaza, community outdoor rooms and the community hub. All areas of the park are designed to hold stormwater during emergency flooding, with the sunken plaza being able to hold up to 3.5 meters of water following extreme storms.

The impact

As the plans for Vaughan’s downtown are realized over the next several years, the master-planned community is expected to provide housing to more than 20,000 people and employ more than 7,500 workers. Residents will enjoy the ability to live, shop, work and play within a 15-minute walking radius, benefitting from reduced commute times and related expenses and overall improvements to work-life balance.

The pedestrian-oriented design prioritizes open public spaces and parks, bringing greenery to the modern city and allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors in vibrant, safe spaces.

Designed to be able to fit a wide variety of programming, the sunken plaza of Revel Park can serve as a skating rink in the winter and a place for sunbathing, evening movies, and concerts in the summer. The summer water jets provide natural tranquility and shelter from surrounding noise, creating a calm environment in the otherwise bustling downtown core. The park also includes community outdoor rooms as a series of flexible outdoor, multi-functional spaces.

The added benefit of the proximity to Toronto’s subway will allow visitors and residents to decrease travel time to and from Vaughan and enjoy the amenities and culture that both cities offer

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