Engaging a community in water resource protection, virtually


People who accessed the meeting

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bay Park Conveyance Project team needed to engage the local community with ongoing water quality improvement work and related infrastructure upgrades.

Working in partnership with Arcadis’ digital experts, the team designed an interactive meeting space tailored to the project site to host a virtual public meeting.

Local residents are gaining a deeper understanding of the Bay Park Conveyance Project and the positive effects it will have on their community and the environment.

Project description:

The Bay Park Conveyance Project is a $500 million partnership between the New York State
Department of Environmental Conservation and the Nassau County Department of Public
Works to restore water quality and improve storm resiliency in Long Island’s Western Bays. The
project will convey treated water from the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant in Nassau County
to the Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant ocean outfall pipe, discharging in the Atlantic
Ocean three miles offshore. The Conveyance Project will reduce the nitrogen in the Western
Bays, which are a sensitive tidal wetland system, and instead redirect the treated water to the
existing Atlantic Ocean outfall pipe, where mixing and dilution properties will protect the local

Given the infrastructure upgrades required to make this project possible, it’s vital that the project
team keep residents informed and engaged in the positive outcomes of the project. As program
manager on the project, Arcadis has continually worked with the Bay Park Conveyance Project
team to ensure successful outcomes. With COVID-19 preventing in-person gatherings, the team
worked together to host a virtual public meeting on Arcadis’ CX 360 platform. This interactive
event platform allows residents to access the public meeting at their own convenience, while still
getting the full experience of an in-person meeting using the live-chat feature, and all of the
information that needed to be shared.

View the public meeting here until October 15, 2020.

“Connecting with our community and getting their input on the Bay Park Conveyance Project is
pivotal to its success. This virtually hosted public meeting helped us safely engage local
residents at their own convenience during COVID19. It offered a true alternative to an in-person
public meeting and educated those interested in the project. The CX 360 tool was instrumental
in building public support and further advancing the positive ecological impacts of the project,”
said Elisa C. Picca, Chief Deputy Commissioner, Nassau County Department of Public Works.

Fig 1: Map of proposed Bay Park Conveyance Project alignment. The Cedarhurst and Lawrence plants have been taken offline and now pump to the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant for treatment. Long Beach Water Pollution Control Plant’s outfall to the Western Bays will also be taken offline and its flows will be consolidated at the Bay Park Plant.

Fig 2: Welcome Station at the CX360 platform for the Bay Park Conveyance Site. Users are
greeted with a welcome video detailing how to navigate and interact with the platform.



People who accessed the meeting
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