Applying descriptive analytics to minimize environmental risks in priority assets

California, United States - When a gas and energy utility aimed to enhance its approach to managing contaminated metal risks, descriptive analytics helped provide a clear plan of action.

Minimizing contaminated metal risks across several gas and energy utility assets.

Using data visualization and descriptive analytics to prioritize sites and develop an implementation plan.

Enhanced risk management and data-driven scheduled maintenance programs.


A leading gas and energy utility was determined to minimize contaminated metal risks across several assets in California. The collection of electric transmission towers, generators, power plant components and office assets each had specific attributes critical in determining the optimal abatement strategy.

Finding the right solution required a deep dive into asset data. By visualizing the data spatially, project team members found underlying patterns that they used to map key performance indicators and priority sites. The descriptive analytics gave the client a clearer view of asset needs and helped them develop an implementation plan for reducing risks.

Continued use of real-time insights is helping the client continually manage the environmental risks. Working with Arcadis, it developed an asset database reporting structure to perform scheduled maintenance and risk management tasks.

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