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  • September 29, 2017

Mitigation Investment to Reduce Risk: Arcadis Joins The Economist Resilience Panel

New York City, September 29, 2017 – Changes in land use and the effects of climate change have contributed to a rise in natural disasters, including floods. Disasters devastate the communities they impact, often requiring emergency intervention, temporary relocation of families and businesses, and costly repairs. How can mitigating climate change and flood risks contribute to more resilient communities? From a financial perspective, how can increased mitigation investment help communities avoid losses and disruption? How can it promote investment, entrepreneurship and innovation in areas where the frequency of natural disasters has previously discouraged businesses and households from saving and building assets?

Moderated by Hilary Steiner, Director of Public Policy, Economics and Politics at The Economist Intelligence Unit, a discussion between leading thinkers, policymakers and researchers, including Edgar Westerhof, Arcadis Flood Risk and Resiliency Lead for North America, examine the business case for investing in flood and natural disaster mitigation actions to lessen the risks faced by communities. A recording of the lively discussion can be viewed here - http://bit.ly/FloodEcon

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