• September 29, 2018 - October 3, 2018
  • New Orleans, LA


When: September 29, 2018 - October 3, 2018
Where: New Orleans, LA

What is the future of water? That’s a big question. Arcadis is tackling it head-on by empowering water utility innovation and digital transformation with research-based insights and value-maximizing solutions. At WEFTEC 2018 we seek to connect with the industry on these topics and explore how we might create a sustainable future, together.



8:30 AM—5:00 PM | Room 285 | Panelist: Melissa Pomales | Water Leadership Institute Workshop


12:00 - 1:30 PM | Room 276 | Presenter as Vice Chair of the Stormwater Institute Advisory Committee: Fernando Pasquel | Stormwater Congress Luncheon

1:30—5:00 PM | Room 347 | Assistant Moderator: Melissa Pomales | 216 Project Delivery: Soup to Nuts

2:00—2:30 PM | Room 342 | Primary Author: Mark Van Auken | Developing Stormwater Strategic Asset Management Tools and Guidance on a National Scale: A Status Update on WE&RF’s Targeted Collaborative Research Project | 213 Staying in the Black and Out of the Red: Applying Asset Management Methods to Stormwater Systems

2:00—2:30 PM | New Orleans Convention Center, Booth 3129, Hall E | Invited Speaker: Mel Butcher | Pavilion Session | NOCC-221 232 Driving the Business Case for Industrial Water Conservation: Perspectives and Upcoming Tools 

2:30—3:00 PM | Room 243 | Primary Author: James Shelton | Guaranteed Outcome Project Delivery for Sewer Rehabilitation - The HRSD Collaborative Design/Build Sewer Rehabilitation Pilot Project | 211 Collection Systems Sewer Condition Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Construction

3:30—3:50 PM | Room 345 | Primary Author: Hazem Gheith | Blueprint Columbus - Communication, Design and Construction Lessons Learned | 215 The Big Picture: Integrated Watershed Planning

4:30—5:00 PM | Room 243 | Primary Author: Andrew Filippi | Establishing Pipe-by-Pipe Rehabilitation and Reinspection Schedules using Years Remaining Service Life | 211 Collection Systems Sewer Condition Assessment, Rehabilitation, and Construction

4:30—4:50 PM | Room 345 | Primary Author: Timothy Hare | Integrating Stormwater Management with Coastal Flood Protection | 215 The Big Picture: Integrated Watershed Planning

4:30—5:00 PM | New Orleans Convention Center, Booth 3129, Hall E | Panelist: Kristen Waksman | 236 UNLEASH-ing the SDGs: Take-Aways From a Global Innovation Lab in Singapore


8:30 - 10:30 AM | Room 339 | Speaker: Jason Carter | Fostering Innovation Within Water and Wastewater Utilities | 300 Interactive Knowledge Exchange: How to Challenge a Utility Management 

9:00 AM—12:00 PM | New Orleans Convention Center, Booth 4609, Hall F | Moderator: Kristen Waksman | 330 Mobile Session: Wastewater 101

1:30—2:00 PM | Room 242 | Primary Author: Taylor Turner | Basic Hydraulics Alleviates a Thirty-Year-Old Overflow | 413 Collection Systems Hydraulics and Models: Using Our Tool Box to Solve Complex Problems

1:30—2:00 PM | Room 256 | Co Author: Richard Farr | Streamlining your PACP inspection data using a risk based approach | 418 Linear Asset Inspection Programs and Risk-Based Asset Management: Practical Strategies

1:30—5:00 PM | Room 347 | Assistant Moderator: Kristen Waksman | 404 FUNdamentals: Secondary School on Nutrient Removal

1:30—3:00 PM | New Orleans Convention Center, Booth 7613, Hall I | Assistant Moderator: Timothy Ware | 431 Mobile Session: Spotlight on Treatment for Potable Reuse Part II

4:00—4:30 PM | Room 256 | Co-Author: Michael Borchers | Addressing Customer Affordability Through Integrated Asset and Financial Management Planning | 427 Finding the Coins in Everyone's Couch: Affordability From Several Perspectives


8:30—9:00 AM | Room 357 | Primary Author: Brian Moore | Upcoming Tools to Help Industry with Making the Business Case for Water Conservation Projects | 500 Resource Recovery at Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

8:30 AM—12:00 PM | Room 256 | Moderator: Timothy Ware | 519 Moving SWIFT-ly to the Future

8:30 AM—12:00 PM | Room 347 | Assistant Moderator: Melissa Pomales | 515 Project Delivery: Herding Cats

9:00—10:30 AM | New Orleans Convention Center, Booth 4609, Hall F | Moderator: James Shelton | 530 Mobile Session: Pipe Lining Technologies – Material Characteristics, Design Basis, Corrosion Resistance, Bonding Requirements, Pressure Capabilities, Installation Constraints, Costs, and Longevity

10:30—11:00 AM | Room 354 | Co-Author: Kevin Slaven | Lessons Learned during MSDGC’s Asset Management System Implementation | 505 Vertical Asset Management Implementation

1:30—3:30 PM | Room 352 | Moderator: Fernando Pasquel | 624 State and Future of Stormwater

1:30—5:00 PM | Room 256 | Assistant Moderator: Jason Carter | 614 Leading Water Utility Innovation

1:30—2:00 PM | Room 342 | Primary Author: Julie Qiuli Lu | Advanced Digital Terrain Data Application to Enhance Urban Stormwater Management | 612 Stormwater Supermodels: The WEF Water Quality Modeling Manual Update and Advances in Modeling Applications

1:30—2:00 PM | Room 344 | Primary Author: Eric Auerbach | Regionalization of Biosolids Treatment with New Digestion, Advanced Energy Recovery, and Beneficial Reuse at Albany and Saratoga Counties | 608 Fairly Large and Fairly Complex: Biosolids Master Planning Case Studies

1:30—2:10 PM | Room 256 | Primary Author: Jason Carter | The Not-So-Secret Ingredient for Innovation…People| 614 Leading Water Utility Innovation

1:30—3:00 PM | Room 244 | Moderator: Richard Thomasson | 611 Protect Your Collection Systems Tunnel Assets

1:30—3:00 PM | Room 353 | Moderator: Timothy Ware | 615 Solving Your Brine Concentrate Disposal Problems

1:30—5:00 PM | Room 243 | Moderator: James Shelton | 610 Collection Systems Emerging Topics and Technologies: Let's Talk About It!

3:30—5:00 PM | Room 244 | Moderator: Richard Thomasson | 619 Collection Systems Real Time Control: Operations and Optimization


When you’re as passionate as we are about water, it is a proud moment when the work that we do with and for clients is recognized by the industry. We are honored to have been a part of these award-winning projects, grateful to our clients for trusting us to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes and humbled by this recognition.


The Gascoigne Medal was established in recognition of George Bradley Gascoigne, a prominent consultant who exhibited a great deal of interest in the operation of wastewater treatment plants. The medal is awarded to the author(s) of an article that presents the solution of an important and complicated operational problem within a full-scale, operating wastewater treatment plant that is appropriately staffed. This year, the WEF Board of Trustees selected the following article of which Dave Frank, project engineer based out of Arcadis’ Akron, OH office, co-authored.

Marrying Step Feed with Secondary Clarifier Improvements to Significantly Increase Peak Wet Weather Treatment Capacity: An Integrated Methodology,” Glen T. Daigger, John S. Siczka, Thomas F. Smith, David A. Frank, J. Alex McCorquodale, Water Environment Research, v. 89, no. 8, August 2017, pg. 724

The authors detail how the staff (and consultants) at the City of Akron (Ohio) Water Reclamation Facility increased wet weather flow handling capabilities by maximizing the use of existing plant infrastructure. The approach will result in significant capital savings for the city of Akron, which is in the process of modifying its entire facility to be able to attain the peak flow magnitudes piloted.

The medal will be awarded at the WEF Awards and Presidential Reception and Ceremony taking place Tuesday, October 2. This recognition will also be featured in the WEF Plaza Honors and Awards Display prominently located in Hall G of the convention center, as well as the WEF Awards Brochure distributed throughout WEFTEC.

On a related note, in August, Dave Frank received the 2018 Lifetime Engineering Award from the Ohio Water Environment Association.


One of the most significant challenges facing the water sector is also one of its greatest opportunities—attracting and developing the next generation of water innovators and leaders. As the leading global design and consultancy firm for built and natural assets, we know that cultivating the talent of water professionals—young and experienced—includes investing in their interests, ideas and passions. Which is why we look forward to participating in the Students and Young Professionals Networking and Career Fair.


Monday, October 1 | 1:00—4:00 PM | La Nouvelle Orleans Ballrooms A-B, New Orleans Morial Convention Center

Seeking a challenging and rewarding career? Stop by the Students and Young Professionals Networking and Career Fair and introduce yourself to Ashley Landis, Talent Acquisition Specialist. If you see water innovation as a pathway to sustainability, we encourage you to explore our open career opportunities and apply for those that resonate with your interests and match your qualifications. To learn more about Arcadis, download the Arcadis Connect app.


Kristen Waksman

Kristen Waksman, water engineer based out of Arcadis’ Tampa, FL office, will be taking the main stage as a vocalist, bass guitarist and keyboardist at Jammin’4Water (J4W), a music event that brings together water industry professionals who share a love for music and improving quality of life around the globe. This year, J4W takes place on Saturday, September 29 from 6:00 PM—1:00 AM at The Historic Carver Theater. Arcadis is a first-time sponsor. Click here to purchase your tickets for this can’t miss event. Rumor has it, Kristen has a surprise or two up her sleeve.

Not able to meet Kristen at J4W? She will also be talking human-centric water solutions at the Innovation Pavilion on Monday, October 1 from 4:30—5:00 PM. Kristen will be highlighting her experience participating in this year’s UNLEASH Innovation Lab, which took place in Singapore this May. Kristen was one of 1,000 talents from all over the world who came together to create real, scalable solutions to UN Sustainable Development Goals. Click here to learn more about her experience.

In addition to being an artist and a panelist, Kristen will be the first female to serve as the incoming vice chair of the Municipal Resource Recovery Design Committee (MRRDC), WEF's largest committee. The MRRDC is tasked with developing, recommending, supporting and conducting programs of general and technical information relating to the advancement of municipal wastewater treatment design practices. The MRRDC meeting takes place Monday, October 1 from 12:00—1:00 PM in room 272.


Venner Ifetayo

Arcadis is proud to take a leading role in the launch of WEF InFLOW (Introducing Future Leaders to Opportunities in Water), a new initiative kicking off at WEFTEC. This initiative strives to identify promising students from underrepresented minority groups and kick-start their professional careers in the water industry. WEF InFLOW is the brainchild of Ifetayo Venner, Wastewater Service Line Lead at Arcadis NA, and member of the WEF Board of Trustees. “My hope is that students come away from this experience excited to begin a meaningful career in water and connected to people who can help increase their chances of long-term growth and success,” said Ifetayo. This year, 15 students from Howard University, Tuskegee University and the University of South Florida will be experiencing all that WEFTEC has to offer, including a panel discussion where Carlton Serrette, Regional Director at Arcadis, will be sharing his story and advice. “This initiative is important to Arcadis because of our shared goal to increase diversity and inclusion in the workforce,” said John McCarthy, Water Business Line President, Arcadis NA. “We believe that our workforce should reflect the communities we serve. A diverse workforce increases our ability to provide innovative solutions to our clients.”

WEF InFLOW Networking Panel | Sunday, September 30 | 4:00 - 5:30 PM | By invitation only

WEF InFLOW Networking Luncheon hosted by Arcadis | Tuesday, October 2 | 12:00 - 1:30 PM | By invitation only


Arcadis and Water For People both exist to improve quality of life—whether it is making sure every family, school and clinic has safe and continuous access to water and sanitation in developing countries, or helping urban areas creatively source water when there is not enough and manage it when there is too much. The projects we work on may differ, but our desire for lasting impact is the same. Supporting Water For People moves the world forward, which serves our purpose and our passion. Visit www.waterforpeople.org/arcadis if you would like to give.

Not going to WEFTEC? Consider making a gift of any amount at www.waterforpeople.org/arcadis


Sunday, September 30 | 9:00 AM—12:00 PM | Click here to register

Bicycle Michael's [622 Frenchmen Street, New Orleans, LA 70116]

In 2008, George Patrick, Principal Engineer based in Arcadis’ Atlanta, GA office, organized the first WEFTEC Pedal With A Purpose cycling event to raise funds for Water For People, and has been a co-organizer with Gary De Kock ever since. Pedal With A Purpose is not a race, but a casual 25-mile ride through the historical and diverse neighborhoods of New Orleans. Cyclists of all abilities are encouraged to participate. Click here for more information, and reach out to George Patrick with questions.

Proceeds from the ride support Water For People's mission to promote the development of high-quality drinking water and sanitation services, accessible to all, and sustained by strong communities, businesses and governments. When women and girls aren’t spending six (6) hours a day on average sourcing water, they have time to work and go to school, which improves the financial standing of entire households. WEFTEC rides have raised more than $20,000 for Water For People.


Monday, October 1 | 5:30—8:00 PM

The Howlin' Wolf [907 S. Peters Street, New Orleans, LA 70130]

Kick-off WEFTEC with a fun night of music, food and drinks, celebrating the work of Water For People. Admission can be purchased through WEFTEC conference registration until close of business on August 31. Click here to learn more, and visit www.waterforpeople.org/arcadis to donate!


We invite you to be a part of our story and would like to be a part of yours. Connect with us on social media before, during and after #WEFTEC18 and share your #utilityinnovation moments with us!

Twitter: Arcadis_US | Facebook: Arcadis North America | LinkedIn: Arcadis North America


We know how important it is to stay connected with the people and things that keep you moving forward. Arcadis is upping the convenience factor by sponsoring the Wi-Fi, which will be freely available throughout Morial Convention Center meeting rooms, public spaces and in specified exhibit hall hot spots.

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