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The art of reinvention: Your organization’s COVID-19 response can be an opportunity for improving processes

Many people are trying to look on the bright side of the COVID-19 restrictions and are using this time to reinvent themselves, whether by taking up new hobbies, cooking more, or embarking on a new exercise regime. This extra time at home can offer a chance to make improvements that have long been on our to-do list. Hearing about some of the personal transformations underway got me thinking about the parallel with large organizations.

What is it really like to intern at Arcadis?

It’s hard to know what to expect from an internship experience. So, we sat down with our most recent interns to understand what it’s really like to be an intern at Arcadis.

Future construction dispute success will rest with collaboration

The 2020 edition of Arcadis’ Global Construction Disputes Report represents ten straight years of compiling industry trends, but this year’s report is different from previous editions. Published in the midst of the industry facing never-before-seen challenges posed by COVID-19, many experts are considering what creative solutions are needed to successfully navigate construction disputes.

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