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UK Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

This statement is made on behalf of all Arcadis entities in the UK (‘Arcadis UK’).

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

This statement is made on behalf of Arcadis entities in the UK (‘Arcadis UK’), which include:

•             Arcadis (UK) Limited

•             Arcadis Consulting (UK) Limited

•             Arcadis LLP

•             Arcadis Human Resources Limited 

Arcadis UK is a provider of consultancy, design, engineering, project and cost management services in the construction sector.  Further information on Arcadis UK can be found on https://www.arcadis.com/en/united-kingdom/.      

Standards on Modern Slavery

As a member of the Arcadis group of companies, Arcadis UK carries out its business activities in compliance with the Arcadis General Business Principles ("AGBP") which can be found on the here. The AGBP confirms that “Arcadis values its employees as a key asset and respects their human and labour rights so that they may work in a safe, healthy, professional, and supportive environment.” Integrity is one of the core values under which Arcadis operates. 

Our Supply Chain

Our supply chain comprises sub-consultants, contingent workers agencies and suppliers who provide professional services to us, and suppliers who provide goods and/or services to us in the support of our business.  

We take the following steps to prevent modern slavery or human trafficking from occurring within our supply chain:  

1.           All new sub-consultants, contingent workers, agencies and suppliers must be approved through our pre-qualification process in order to be registered on our system and paid. The pre-qualification process specifically asks questions around compliance with modern slavery legislation. We are in the process of registering all existing sub-consultants, contingent workers, agencies and suppliers in this system to ensure we have consistent and up to date assurances around compliance with modern slavery legislation.

2.           Our standard contractual terms with third parties contain appropriate clauses confirming that they carry out their business in accordance with principles consistent with the AGBP and with reference to the Modern Slavery Act where appropriate.


Right to Work Checks and Due Diligence Processes

Our HR processes comply with all applicable UK legislation. 

Right to work checks as a minimum are carried out on all new Arcadis UK employees. An individual’s employment with us is conditional upon having the legal right to work in the UK.

Training for Staff

Training on the AGBP is a mandatory part of the induction process for all new employees. All staff are required to undertake online refresher training on the AGBP every 2 years.

Targeted training on the Modern Slavery Act has been provided to those most relevant within the business, for example, our contingent workers team.

Risk Assessment

We have built a step into our UK Risk Assessment in order to routinely assess our approach to the risk of modern slavery within our business. 

Due to the professional nature of our business’ work, we believe the risks associated with slavery

and human trafficking within our business are objectively considered to be low. 

However, we acknowledge that our key risks are:

1.           Our supply chain; and

2.           Our recruitment processes.

We manage these risks through the procedures referred to above.

Measuring Effectiveness

We maintain a telephone and web-based Integrity Line through which integrity issues can be reported anonymously.  Contact details are available to all staff.  All issues reported through the Integrity Line are followed up by the Arcadis compliance committee as appropriate. 

There have been no issues raised internally or externally relating to modern slavery.

We continue to monitor our third parties’ compliance with our processes. 

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.  


 Approved by: Mark Cowlard, Chief Executive Officer, Arcadis UK & Ireland 
Date: 30 January 2020 
Financial Year End: 31 December 2019 
Further information on Arcadis UK can be found on www.arcadis.com/en/united-kingdom  


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