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Health & Safety

At Arcadis, the health, safety and well-being of our employees and stakeholders are central to everything we do. In Our General Business Principles, we commit to providing a healthy and safe work environment for all our employees. To that end, our global health and safety vision and policy are built around a proactive risk- and behavior-based approach that integrates health and safety (H&S) into our culture, our values and the way we do business.

Health & Safety Management System
Our global H&S management system is designed to standardize the process of H&S across the company while respecting the nuances of local culture, client expectations and regulation. Our system focuses on proactive hazard recognition, risk assessment and control to prevent incidents. Lessons learned and best practices are shared globally and often. Our system empowers staff to conduct their work in a way that protects themselves and others. It gives them the tools to implement healthy and safe work practices at all times and encourages them to use these tools off the job to maintain a healthy and safe personal lifestyle.

We continually strive to prevent harm and incidents by integrating TRACK into every task:
Think through the task.
Recognize the hazards.
Assess the risks.
Control the hazards.
Keep H&S first in all things.

H&S is also an integral part of the solutions we provide to our clients and a key Arcadis differentiator. We strive to exceed the H&S expectations of our staff, clients and stakeholders, even as performance standards that stress continuous improvement, stewardship, and employee engagement and accountability become increasingly rigorous.  

Our H&S culture is easily understood through our H&S tagline:
A Real Commitment; A Daily Issue: Safety 

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